I've Never Been Alone Until Now (Demos)

by Jeff Waggoner

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released January 21, 2013

guitar/vocals: Jeff Waggoner
drums: Graham Burks



all rights reserved


Jeff Waggoner Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: This Weekend w/ Frank Sinatra
This weekend is such a weird experience
of letting you go, but you're not coming back.
I'm already on a trip w/o you
And I don't know where I'm going
And I don't know, if I'm coming back.

Wondering if I could say No.
So I'll go to a party.
And you can maintain your yard.
No matter what, you did enough today.
And I ain't gonna come when you call.
No I ain't.

And for the first time I realized, I had become old fashioned--
It was exactly what I needed.
Naturally, I do what I want to do.
I underestimated how tough it was.

So you want to raise a family.
But you left me with a drunken mind.

And I don't know, if Frank Sinatra was an asshole.
But I'm making out with his girlfriend in my mind.
There is no perfect state--
That does not mean that much to me.
Track Name: Echo Park
Got in a car, drove to a lake
Went by myself for heaven's sake
Wandered alone, into the woods
Did all the things I knew that I should
And thought about...

Echo Park

Stand in one place, alone in my room
Smelled all the shit and dreamt of perfume
With no TV, and nothing to do
The cat and me thinking of you.
Yeah we'll be down at...

Echo Park
Track Name: Wrecking Ball
wrecking ball,
cannot be sure
what it is that you want

when we were,
in her room
i had something that i've lost

And it's a weird experience,
but it's our best bet.

broken hands,
and no excuse
and nobody to bring flowers to

it was you and me,
we could not save
and now you've been picked up by a wave

And it's a weird experience,
but it's our best bet.
Track Name: Miss My Heart
I can't wait for you no longer
In a perfect world I could but...
I'll be moving on now baby
Sorry that you could not accept my heart.

You we're better off now baby
at least that's what you we're thinking
But you missed my heart my baby
You couldn't even see it, shining for you.
Yeah... shining for you.

I didn't care, I fell asleep
Just wasn't there, I overreached.
It's in my head, 10 points of light.
Go to bed, doesn't feel right.

Good friends in love, I play for keeps.
We messed it up, I had a ring.

Everybody just needs somebody.

I wish I didn't need you in the
morning when I am awake.
But it's not that simple baby,
When i start to shake...

I miss my heart
Track Name: No Goodbye To Be
7 years together now I'm sitting here without you,
trying to find the courage to say goodbye
cause i have cried so many nights, since you broke my heart
and i didn't give up on you, you gave up on me.

And another year later and i'm still sitting here alone
and my heart wanders to you, like a dog without a home
and i still haven't done away with all the things that you used to hate
and when i see you around, you are doing well.

and i know you think you're better off without me
but part of you just knows that isn't true
and i know that you're not as satisfied with him as you we're with me
and only time will tell, i'm sure we'll both be doing well

so right now i'm just trying to say goodbye
i still love you, but we gave it our best try
and i still don't think i gave up on you, you gave up on me
so right now, there is no goodbye to be.
Track Name: Morning Train
Put me on a train in the morning
and you might find why you can't live alone
There's an upside, fools-ride, family full of-
old minds, youth, and fireside chemicals

It's a landslide beyond belief
And it's heart ache with no relief.

You're the only one playing everyone
don't you think that you oughta figure it out
Well don't you save your breath it's for everyone
there's something on your mind but you won't let it out.

It's a secret that's so discreet
And it's a grown man who can't compete
And it's a rough night to hit the streets.
Track Name: Nice Way...
I got my head screwed on straight
I did it for once
I watched the waves roll by
I kissed the sky

And then I took a deep breath
I started to smile
My legs went straight
And my heart went wild

And so I headed to the bar
I got up on the stage
Once was never enough
I gave fuel to the rage

Cause when the music is good
And the poetry rolls
And the dance hall shakes
And it's not under control

Until the pulse shakes you baby
yeah... the beat shakes you baby
And it's not under control.
No it's not under control anymore

But it's a nice way to meet someone you wanted to know.
Track Name: Between the Needles
All I need to learn is how to wake up and to sleep
And to be the kind of person who is calm when they breathe
Someone told me what you do is follow your heart
That seemed smart, I did that--
I chose art.

I'll be a famous singer riding on a tour bus
I'll get puss and discuss the business
Maybe god was tired, so he handed it to us
Finally advise I can trust.

But lately I'm just wasted and I'm tired of myself
With no dough and nowhere to go, I'm solo
And so low I can't keep my head above the water
The dream in the distance getting farther
I won't give up, you can still put money in my cup
And I'll be here until I make the hands go up
But the discipline is tough I try and keep my life cleaner
Depression, the curse of the dreamer.

So just be mine girl, I don't believe in the chase
I like the color of your hair and your nice tril waist
I like the way the moonlight lights up your face
It's late, let's begin the real date
Now take your time sweet girl this is our night
From now on you can always know you're gonna be alright
And the starts shine so bright.

Anything is possible.

1,2,3, for creativity
4 & 5 for the smile that I hide
6,7,8, because by now it's too late
9 & 10 and by now I'm your best friend
11 & 12 and tomorrow will be hell.

Will I die from being lonely?
(I don't want to die young)
Well my liver has failed.
(I don't want to die young)
There's a tumor in my head.
(I don't want to die young)
I got too much to do
(I don't want to die young)
Should I not give a fuck?
(I don't want to die young)
I'm a king what the fuck?
(I don't want to die young)
It's a roll of the dice
(I don't want to die young)
Well i want a family
(I don't want to die young)

Because I'm trapped in the lies I created for myself
I feel crazy and fucked up and lately
i just want to sleep when I open my eyes.
i will shine but right now I'm barely alive
And it's right there but I can't seem to swallow my pride
And I'm too scared to face what is killing inside
If we could do it again, I wouldn't let you fly
I'd hold onto you for life.

But i fucked it up, so I'm back at the start
The roar from the beast that explodes in my heart
And the songs that I play when it's just me
If people could just see, that really there for everybody
Just want to take it all back, star charts like the indians
Buffalo breath and arrow heads from obsidian
The green in the trees the planets in the sky
The dreams I just won't let die.